Sunday, December 9, 2018

1.3 Taking Charge

Last time in Do Well...

Emma acepted Julian's marriage proposal mainly to silence him and immediately after she had to go to work. So our torch holder went back home to basically check the sink and brush teeth every five minutes.

Not many things happened for the rest of the day, Julian just painted so it's pretty boring.

The next day we invited Emma to the house with the intention of have this challenge rolling, we need an idiot in the home to start the fun.

"Who are you calling an idiot? I'd hope not to me because I'm here to take charge of this legacy."

Not really, Emma. You're on your own once you enter the household, I only can control Julian.

"Exactly, you can't control me and I'll do what I want when I want it and you can't cancel my actions. So how is that not being in charge?"


If being in charge means Emma wooing Julian, I'm willing relinquishing my power to her. Awww.

Of course, after this demonstration of affection it was the opportune moment for a private wedding.

Love the dorky faces, years of playing and I'm not tired of it.

And they closed the deal with a kiss.

And now we have an uncontrollable sim. Yay! I'm so excited because this challenge is the opposite to my obsessive need to micro-manage everything.

Emma brought a little money, mostly from selling the thing in her inventory. Now the small box is a sum of small boxes that maybe looks like a house.

It wasn't enough for wallpaper but it has all the basic. I recoloured the bed with the combination of Emma's and Julian's favorite colors. Black and Irish Green. I recolored Julian outfits too because I'm going to be doing the favorite color theme thingie.

The next thing was to start the family.

If someone had just passed by the window of the room they would have heard the sound of bells. (I don't know why someone would have done that but it sounded poetic in my head unlike in the written words.)

For the next few hours Julian painted without stopping and Emma just watched the romantic channel. Taking charge all right.

"It's not my fault that you bought a TV that doesn't have a cooking channel."

That's true, it wasn't until I put Julian to watch TV that I realized that this TV doesn't have it. Oh well, I'll buy one when I have the money.

Luckily, it's not the only thing Emma did that day.

Unfortunately she was interrupted by morning sickness.

The next day brought wedding gifts.

Thanks to Cyclone's gift we were able to expand the house a little bit to build a living room area with a new TV. I will not mention what I think about Ayesha's gift, only that she's supposed to be Emma's best friend.

Emma finished her painting.

"It is a portrait of Julian so you can hang it in the house like in a normal legacy."

I'm thinking of making portraits of the family members but I don't know if this counts like one, to tell the truth.

And a few minutes later she gave a spin and the game announced her pregnancy.

Julian shares my joy with this. What do you have to say about this amazing event, darling?

"This is great, now we have four chairs."

"It's not the only good thing, love. Now we have a better tv too."

"And a couch."

It's good to know that they've the priorities well sorted. Oh well.

Time to confess, Emma is really taking charge on this challenge. She's cooking, cleaning, painting and being romantic with Julian as if I was controling her.

Meanwhile Julian is creating this kind of  er... mmm... masterpieces? I really don't know what goes through his head.

"This is the  representation of Emma's smile in the morning."

"I think you need glasses, honey."

But despite everything he is a good husband.

And now we get a report  on what's happening in the lives of the townies. Especially Vita Alto and her plan to conquer the entire city.

"Cyclone's always so gullible." Said Emma with a speculative look. "Julian, we need to to plan how to stop this before it keeps growing."

"Yes, dear." He replied while looking at the Alto household.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

1.2 Enticing Emma

Last time in Do Well...

Emma was playing hard to get or something like that, or maybe I'm getting too involved in this.

But look at this face? How not to be involved when he looks so sad?

At this point I should probably give up and look for another wife prospect, but...  it's the typical " the harder to get the more I want it" situation.  And not only from me:

He's telling a joke that implicate hearts. Awww. Besides, Julian keeps generating romantic wishes for her. So it's time to change the strategy, for now let's them be friend and he will resume the attempt at romance when the rejected first kiss modlet has passed.

Now it's time to focus on finding some flowers to build a small box house where Julian can sleep.

He found flowers for 200, 400 and 600. Yay! And found an allergy too. No so yay.

The money was enough to build a small shelter with all the needs covered.

Don't put that face, Julian. Unlike many of my founders, you've a chair so you don't need to sit on the toilet to eat.

Now, go to make a salad so you can have something to eat at breakfast.

It's time to demonstrate Julian's artistic don.

And also to continue with the plan to entice Emma: being the best friend she can ask for. Because the friend-zone is the smart way to maker her fall in love, obvioulsy.

"Hi, Emma. How are you in this beautiful sunny day? I was wondering if you want to hook hang up with me today?"
"Mmm, no, not really."

Ok then. Better keep painting, we need money. We'll start another type of plan later.

Neurotics sims and their neon paintings.

Julian registered as a self employed artist.

And since he didn't have much else to do, he stayed in the the area with the intention of meeting people.

To his left there were two people talking amicably, it was the perfect opportunity to make new acquaintances.
"Hi there. It's tha a snake?"

Connor  looked seriously at the snake. "Hey little creature, escape right now. The approaching man has every sign of being a legacy founder, you know, those hobo that are always moving to 15 Summer Hill Court and have the bad habit of taking and selling everything they come across."
"What happened to the snake? It's gone!"

"It isn't gone, just become invisible." Said Jocasta with a perfect blank face.
"Yes, just like your brain."
"Oh, lady, that's no cool."

"You neither."

Feeling a little low after the encounter with the mean lady, Julian started walking home to take advantage of the evening breeze. His spirit brightened when he passed by the local diner, Emma was exiting the place.

He waved to her enthusiastically.
"Hey Emma!"

"Oh good no, he again."

"Wait Emma, don't go, I just want to talk."

"Why is he stalking me? Why isn't he bothering Agnes or Chris like a normal founder does?"

I think it didn't turn out very well.

The next day...

In a surprising turn of events, Emma invited Julian on a date. We acepted immediately, I meant Julian acepted, of course. It's not like I'm forcing him or anything.

"Hi, Emma, it's a very pleasant surprise to receive your invitation this beautiful morning."
"You're a little corny but cute. And have toned muscles."

"I was all night thinking that your advances were not as annoying as I thought at first."
"Umm thanks, I think."

From this point forward, Emma accepted all the compliments and flirtations, finally.

I think that Vita Alto is spaying on them, she stayed behind the bushes while our beau was capturing the future Mrs. Dowell attention.

"Of course I am watching them, these people are going to live in Summer Hill and I have to know what sort of sims are, I have enough problems competing with the Landgraab for this town."

"I better approach them surreptitiously."

Vita was the eyewitness to the first kiss between Julian and Emma.

After a few minutes watching, Vita concluded that none of them is a threat to her lifestyle.
"A wannabe dark girl and an idiot, they don't pose a problem."
He ins't an idiot, you know. In fact, he is the only one who isn't going to be an idiot.
"Are you sure?"
Er... thecnically.

When things between the two lovebirds became too sentimental for Vita, she preferred to look away and continue with other plans. She has a town to conquer.

I, on the other hand, was very excited about the progress between them.

And before Emma could change her mind about a relationship with Julian, he proposed marriage.

"Emma love of my life, the light of my darker nights, the future mother of my children, the..."
"If you stop now, I'll say yes."

After this beautiful exchange of words (and three days of chasing Emma), they become engaged.

"And I had a makeover." Just in time for the appearance of Christopher Steel.

"Oh man, Emma has already a makeover, that means my chances of being a co-founder are zero. I was hopping for an all male legacy."
Sorry, Chris, maybe the next time.