Monday, June 24, 2019

1.5 A New Life (Or How I Refuse To Call It Chapter One)

The new town where the Dowells settled is Dragon Valley. (Yay for colorful sims!)

As I explained earlier, all isbi saves have become inaccessibles, so we start almost from scratch. My computer suffered some problems and I had to send it to be fixed. Unfortunately I've lost many things and not just saves from the games. I lost many backups of my work (I am an accountant) that I keep in this pc. Luckily the originals are safe on the laptop but doing all the backups again ... my head hurts just thinking about it.


Oh yes, sorry for rambling. The important thing is that I usually saves to the bin of all my sims, including spouses and spares. So the story can continue without problems.
"Watcher, there's something that is not quite right here."
Well, yes, sadly you and Emma are in a blank slate situation without skills and careers. Sorry, but nothing can be done about it.
"Thats not exactly..."
And Leonardo is again at the start of his age so you have to teach him the skills again.
"Watcher, I don't think that's what my husband wants to talk about."

Yes, the house is a little smaller than what you had but it covers all the necessities.
"You are doing it on purpose, right?"
"I think what Julian wants to know is who is the little person next to us."

Oh, that's Frida, your daughter.
"Our daughter?"
Yes, do you remember how in the previous chapter we learned that Emma was pregnant again? Well, she's the result.
"Yes... but my wife was barely showing..."
In the chapter yes, but the game was a couple of days ahead, just enough to make the birth of Frida a reality. I have screenshots to prove it!

Aren't they beautiful? I was experimenting with Gimp.
Unfortunately, the last photo shows that there was an unexpected call to the babysitter so we lost 5 points. I will count all the points I had so far, since I decided to take this new save as a continuation of the previous one.

"So what you're telling me is that I have two toddlers to take care of."
Yes, because she was already part of the family and not adding her seemed wrong to me.
"It's okay, honey. At least we are saved from being awakened at any time by a baby. There are already two children in the first generation like the watcher wanted."
"And the fact that you don't need to get pregnant in this save has nothing to do with your acceptance of this situation, right?"
"Of course not, love."
Great Emma! Because I was thinking of adding one more child to make up for the fact that we started with two toddlers.

Don't be that way, you just said that you didn't care. Now, take your only action that I can control and go to look for work at the bistro.
Emma left murmuring something about watchers but I really didn't hear her well.

Yes, my beautiful wonderful founder?
"You're doing this on purpose."

Innocent smile.

So Emma is now in the culinary career, from scratch, without experience and skill. Sigh.

Then she went on to the productive task of surfing the internet for a couple of hours.

Keep playing with her phone one o two hours more...

To end up spending the little money we have on an unnecessary meal.

"I have to verify that the place where I will work is up to my skills."
What skills?
"And even more important, to show the readers the fantastic wedding dress that I never got to use because you had the idea of directing Julian to marry us in the kitchen with my work clothes."
Okaaaay, in my defense, you still weren't part of this legacy.
"Oh I'm well aware of that."

Then she decided to celebrate the presence of Bradan McGrath. I was as perplexed as him, let me tell you.
Bradan, in a total uncharacteristic move of his part, was nice to Emma. How odd.

After losing more than half a day in nothing important, Emma decided to go home.

That's where I got really happy, here is my girl preparing to go home and take charge of this challenge. How naive of me.

She went directly to the toy box to celebrate that we have one and then she stayed the rest of the night watching the ROMANTIC! channel.

Why, Emma, whyyyy???? Have I lost my dear ally?
"Don't be melodramatic, please. Now, hush, this is an important moment in the movie."

So with a broken heart (I'm not melodramatic), I went to see how my beloved founder's day went.
"It was much more productive than Emma's." He told me in all seriousness.

First he painted until he reached the first level in the skill.
"So I can register as self-employed painter."

He began his children's training.

"Dad... Is this necessary? You already taught me all these things, this is only awkward."
"Technically not, honey bear. This is a new save."
"But couldn't we avoid it? I'm going to have random traits anyway."
"No, teaching you gives me lots of happiness points, or so the watcher says."
And technically you shouldn't talk, little Leo, your father didn't teach you yet.
"And do you know what else could you  technically do?"
Oh, so sorry, Leo, I don't understand you. You don't know how to speak yet.

Better keep seeing what else Julian did today.

Unfortunately he had to cook, because the person who do that for a living was watching the ROMANTIC channel.

"I also put the children to bed before going to register as a painter."

"So, it was a very productive day, if I say so myself."

This is the moment when I really started to get scared by this. Were the personalities of my founder and his wife changed the move to the new game? Well, if you want to know, do not miss the next chapter.

"And she says she isn't melodramatic."


Babies: 2 = 10 (I'm counting Frida no matter what, I lived her baby stage age completely).
Babysitter's visit: 1 = -5
Total points = 5

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Vita's revenge

What were you waiting to find in this place?

Here's nothing but a large empty lot. No box houses. No homeless newly arrived challenge founders. Exactly how I like it.

The watcher's going to tell everyone that the Dowells couldn't continue in this place because of corrupted saves.

But my dear subjects readers, we all know that the real reason is that those little things couldn't compete with me for the control of this town.

Now I can relax again and go back to my favorite hobby.

Find a way to get rid of the Landgraabs.

Monday, March 18, 2019

1.4 Two Plus Two = Three and a Half

Last time in Do Well...

Julian and Emma are willing to compete with Vita for the domination of the town, but their plans were interrupted by the arrival of the new member of the family.

"What do I do? What do I do? WHAT?!"
Don't stand there without doing anything!

Er... That's not exactly what I had in mind...
"Let him be, I think I'll do it better alone."
Well, it was already established that Emma is in charge of this legacy so...

It's a boy! Leonardo, who is neurotic and eccentric, I rolled his traits for points. This generation theme is going to be painters because it's basically all what Emma and Julian are doing.

"Look, Julian. This our little bundle of joy."

"Another incontrolable sims!"
"That is not the way to react when you see your son for the first time, honey."
And you stole my reaction, Julian. That was my line as a watcher.

After giving birth, Emma went to the front yard and stood there without doing anything under the rain, but I forgot to take a screenshot. When she entered the house again, she went directly to see how her husband took care of their son.
"Don't worry, honey. I have everything under control."

"Are you sure?"

I think that Julian broke him.

After that little episode, Emma asked Julian if he could entertain her to relieve the stress of childbirth. He acepted gladly.

I believe that both Julian and I were thinking of a different activity.
On the other hand, Emma was totally committed to the game. "I'm the best."

I think Julian put a little too much force behind that throw.

So Emma realized there were better activities to do.

But it was interrupted by the call of nature. Oh well maybe next time.

Emma is near level 6 in painting. She does almost as many paintings as Julian. The finished painting is hers.

Unfortunately I cannot say the same with the cooking skill, she cooks very little and the only thing she sees on television is the romantic channel.

It's time to try for the second baby, I don't want her on leave forever. Luckily the bells chimed on the first try!

Now that there will be two children, I will not intervene anymore, from now on autonomous risky woohoo. I hope not to regret this.

I have the baby age stage at two days so Leonardo birthday, that wasn't celebrated, came quickly. He's a cutie and a mini-emma with random color eyes.

With a baby on the way, the house was enlarged a bit to make room for the whole family. From now on we will begin to improve the view of it.

And we closed this update with this screenshot because I don't know where to add it and I don't have much more to add anyway.


Babies: 1 = 5

Sunday, December 9, 2018

1.3 Taking Charge

Last time in Do Well...

Emma acepted Julian's marriage proposal mainly to silence him and immediately after she had to go to work. So our torch holder went back home to basically check the sink and brush teeth every five minutes.

Not many things happened for the rest of the day, Julian just painted so it's pretty boring.

The next day we invited Emma to the house with the intention of have this challenge rolling, we need an idiot in the home to start the fun.

"Who are you calling an idiot? I'd hope not to me because I'm here to take charge of this legacy."

Not really, Emma. You're on your own once you enter the household, I only can control Julian.

"Exactly, you can't control me and I'll do what I want when I want it and you can't cancel my actions. So how is that not being in charge?"


If being in charge means Emma wooing Julian, I'm willing relinquishing my power to her. Awww.

Of course, after this demonstration of affection it was the opportune moment for a private wedding.

Love the dorky faces, years of playing and I'm not tired of it.

And they closed the deal with a kiss.

And now we have an uncontrollable sim. Yay! I'm so excited because this challenge is the opposite to my obsessive need to micro-manage everything.

Emma brought a little money, mostly from selling the thing in her inventory. Now the small box is a sum of small boxes that maybe looks like a house.

It wasn't enough for wallpaper but it has all the basic. I recoloured the bed with the combination of Emma's and Julian's favorite colors. Black and Irish Green. I recolored Julian outfits too because I'm going to be doing the favorite color theme thingie.

The next thing was to start the family.

If someone had just passed by the window of the room they would have heard the sound of bells. (I don't know why someone would have done that but it sounded poetic in my head unlike in the written words.)

For the next few hours Julian painted without stopping and Emma just watched the romantic channel. Taking charge all right.

"It's not my fault that you bought a TV that doesn't have a cooking channel."

That's true, it wasn't until I put Julian to watch TV that I realized that this TV doesn't have it. Oh well, I'll buy one when I have the money.

Luckily, it's not the only thing Emma did that day.

Unfortunately she was interrupted by morning sickness.

The next day brought wedding gifts.

Thanks to Cyclone's gift we were able to expand the house a little bit to build a living room area with a new TV. I will not mention what I think about Ayesha's gift, only that she's supposed to be Emma's best friend.

Emma finished her painting.

"It is a portrait of Julian so you can hang it in the house like in a normal legacy."

I'm thinking of making portraits of the family members but I don't know if this counts like one, to tell the truth.

And a few minutes later she gave a spin and the game announced her pregnancy.

Julian shares my joy with this. What do you have to say about this amazing event, darling?

"This is great, now we have four chairs."

"It's not the only good thing, love. Now we have a better tv too."

"And a couch."

It's good to know that they've the priorities well sorted. Oh well.

Time to confess, Emma is really taking charge on this challenge. She's cooking, cleaning, painting and being romantic with Julian as if I was controling her.

Meanwhile Julian is creating this kind of  er... mmm... masterpieces? I really don't know what goes through his head.

"This is the  representation of Emma's smile in the morning."

"I think you need glasses, honey."

But despite everything he is a good husband.

And now we get a report  on what's happening in the lives of the townies. Especially Vita Alto and her plan to conquer the entire city.

"Cyclone's always so gullible." Said Emma with a speculative look. "Julian, we need to to plan how to stop this before it keeps growing."

"Yes, dear." He replied while looking at the Alto household.